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  • Hey,

    I took some time to work on converting my [MP/ZM] Black Ops II Mapvote script to get it to work on BO1 and here it is.
    For those who know my BO2 mapvote almost everything is identical.
    My goal is to have my mapvote script on multiple games, not to create a new/different one for each game.
    It works in custom games, combat training and dedicated servers.

    Zombies is not available.
    I'm working on it but because of how bad the game's code is there's quite a lot of work required to make it work both in MP and ZM.
    I don't guarantee that I will update it with ZM support but I will at least try.

    At the end of the killcam of each game it will display up to 11 randomized voting elements (maps + modes) to allow players to vote for the map and/or mode they want.
    This can be used in various ways, even if you only rotate a few maps and one mode for example

    Feel free to request any feature/improvement you would like to see, to give your feedback and to report any bug/issue you encounter.

    Thanks to @LKurama for helping me test the script!

    Mouse and keyboard input. Changed settings: horizontal spacing: 100

    Controller input. Changed settings: red colors, accent mode: max

    All information and downloads on my Github repository
    For any information regarding how to download or install scripts go to the root of the repository

    This mapvote is also available on other games.
    If you're interested just click on the icons below




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