some idea's and fix's

    1. [cfg] sometimes can't change from full screen to window mode.
    2. [error] game sometimes says errors but u can still playing without problems.[minimize game is annoying]
    3. [idea] add buttons with changing FOV and FPS.
    4. [idea] add Elite camo Winter and Marine.
    5. [idea] Custom servers with partymode-1 [intermission]
    6. [fix] Fix DLC's if someone doesnt buy all shits.

    alt text

  • Project Developer

    1 - known
    2 - never encountered that, but should be fixed I hope
    6 - you need the .sdm files inside main. Get hold of those and your game won't complain anymore.

    About the other ideas, there are other priorities at the moment, but we will consider them once the client is usable.

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