Banned apparently. Help me find the reason.

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  • Okay well, I've checked enough of these forums to see that any time someone says they got banned for no reason everyone just tells them they're lying (perhaps for good reason I guess)

    So judging by these It's not likely I'll get a useful response of WHY I was banned but I just copped 7 days and would like to know how to prevent it in the future.

    So I downloaded plutonium for the first time about 3 days ago and I've set up every game available. Everything worked great for the past few days. Today however after playing some WAW modded servers then jumping on black ops and using some commands to set the game to borderless windowed. I restarted the game and couldn't login. I understand the mods wont unban me or tell me wth happened though I would appreciate if theres any way to track down what would have triggered the automatic anti cheat?

    After enabling borderless I was using my second monitor to watch buffy the vampire slayer (MPC-HC player)and browsing on Opera GX. My PC has some programs open such as

    -Razer Synapse

    I dont think I have any strange drivers or anything but I'd appreciate if there is some way to detect or find these sorts of programs that may trigger a ban on my own end? If it helps at all my BO1 is through steam but most of the DLC is from plutonium. I also have a backup file of the conLZM.cfg in the plutonium appdata folder though I had that for the last 2 days.

    Appreciate any help and even appreciate the inevitable "dont cheat" posts that will pop up.


  • I've just had a though, maybe a stupid one but could Nvidia Geforce overlay have caused this? Maybe in combination with the game being in windowed somehow?

  • or perhaps the WAW modded server downloaded some files that trigger AC? I understand that to keep the anti-cheat bulletproof as possible the staff avoid giving info to users however with the abundance of posts in the same or similar circumstances as me surely points to some fault, flaw or bug in the AC that can cause an unwarranted ban or some other previously undiscovered element such as(perhaps) malicious servers that inject files with the map downloads for the intention of ruining peoples games?

    If there's a hundred threads saying the same thing and I myself know that I'm not lying. It stands to reason that at least some small percentage of other people arent lying either. With how serious the consequences of cheating are, one would hope that false positives are damn near impossible. Maybe they are and I'm just very unlucky. With how strict the no unbans policy is too its very concerning to me.

    I just got 3 of my friends to install plutonium so we can play some zombies and after 2 days I'm already unable to play.

  • I also relaunched the game(BO1) two or three times in very quick succession. Sorry for the reply spam but I really do want to give as much information as possible to aid in fixing whatever issue caused this.

    and used the command "video_restart_complete" as the "video_restart" wasn't doing anything after the first initialisation.

    The rest of the commands were from the post on setting up perfect borderless though I did mess with some settings as the border was bleeding over to the second monitor until a relaunch fixed it.
    "r_fullscreen 0; vid_xpos 0; vid_ypos 0; r_noborder 1; vid_restart"
    I set r_fullscreen from 1 to 0 repeatedly and tried different values for the ypos

    A while back in the MP for bo1 I used the command
    "statsetbyname rank 49;statsetbyname rankxp 999999999;statsetbyname plevel 15;statsetbyname codpoints 2500000;updategamerprofile;uploadstats"

    To unlock stuff for multiplayer. This was from a yt video as I couldnt find an unlockall command myself.

    Also used "writecfg conLZM.cfg" to write the borderless changes to config.

    I'd appreciate if some staff or admins with the ability to troubleshoot could test these to see if AC gets triggered as when I'm unbanned I clearly wont be attempting to find out for myself ๐Ÿ˜

  • further update.

    I just did an integrity check of BO1 on steam. It says 1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired. Not sure what file but the download for it was 2.8MB

  • You shouldn't spam replies just edit previous messages. But no nothing on Plutonium's side can get you banned. Downloading WAW maps cannot get you banned

  • @Resxt apologies, I didn't realise editing was an option. Appreciate the prompt response.

    If nothing in game could get me banned and the anti cheat only detects injection. Would there be some method to troubleshooting potential causes on my end so I'm not just sitting on the edge of my seat hoping all is well after the 7 days?

    I'm quite capable in most things though I have no specific knowledge of game design or coding. Would it at all be possible to say... Launch the game through steam or once unbanned launch the game in LAN mode through Pluto and use some kind of program to see if anything is editing memory or injecting into the game on my PC? Or even task manager etc.

    You guys seem very sure of Pluto's anticheat capabilities which leads me to think some specific software on my end caused the issue and I'd feel a hell of a lot better if I were able to track down the culprit to be sure it wouldn't happen again causing another week of not being able to play with my friends. Simply pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.


  • @Resxt I'm very close to being unbanned and I'm still hoping you may be able to help me find a method to troubleshoot what may be unintentionally altering memory/game files/injecting so I don't have to deal with a permanent ban please.

    I'd really appreciate any kind of support from you guys in resolving this.

  • @Tugoose said in Banned apparently. Help me find the reason.:

    and the anti cheat only detects injection

    that not the truth btw.

  • @Xerxes Oh my bad. When I first got the ban I went on a hefty search through a whole bunch of these forum posts. A lot of people in similar situations constantly got the reply from staff members that the anti cheat wouldn't have banned them if they didn't inject so I assumed this was the case for me also.

    I didn't think it was too big of a jump in logic to think that my ban was a similar result of a false-positive injection or some software affecting game memory. I just feel that its worth having a way of troubleshooting this issue on the user-side when the staff are evidently unable to resolve this issue with the information available to them.

    If I were able to (hypothetically) find out that having VLC media player open and relaunching the game twice in quick succession results in a false anticheat detection. That information could help a lot of people both users and devs.

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