T6 LUI modding

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  • Recently a new LUI decompiler for T6 and T7 was released and its quite good. About 90% of the time it produces decompiled lua scripts that can be recompiled with no errors. I can only compile on t7 with the L3ak mod installed on the mod tools linker so I don't know about T6. Since T6 lua files are used in T7 with only minor modifications its likely to be the same for T6.

    The lua decompiler: https://github.com/JariKCoding/CoDHVKDecompiler.

    With LUI modding it would be possible to make a server list fairly easily using the T7 server browser luas as a base. It would also be possible to fix some ui bugs present in zombies, like the score freezing when there are more than 4 players in a server.

  • I asked the big man for his opinion. IMHO it sounds worth looking into it.

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