(zm) Tanjiro Kamado Background For T6 Zombies

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  • could i replace the background with any image i like?

  • @MightyJake yes, you will need to convert the .iwi file to a .dds (Direct draw surface) file via paint.net. Once you've converted it to a dds file, convert it to a png file. After that you can open the png file up in photoshop, then edit it to your liking. Once you've done editing, simply convert the image to .dds with paint.net, then use iwi_dds_fast_converter.exe which can be downloaded via google (This also applies to paint.net). the way to use iwi_dds_fast_converter.exe properly is to drag and drop the .dds file on top of iwi_dds_fast_converter.exe (before you do this, i'd recommend right clicking on iwi_dds_fast_converter.exe and click on properties, go to compatability and tick the box where it says "Run this program as administrator.") This is very important to do because if you don't you'll get issues woth the program. Once you've done that you can drag and drop the .dds file, it'll ask for administrative permissions. Click "Yes", then a few options will pop up, click "1" for black ops 2. Then click enter on your keyboard to convert it succefully to a .iwi file. Now you're done, just drag and drop it into your "images" folder. Boom done.
    Sidenote; If you'd like further assistance, add me on Discord - Lamurai#0092 and i'm more than happy to help out if you experience any issues ๐Ÿ™‚

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