(ZM) Mob Of The Dead Background Screen For T6 Zombies

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  • Here Is A Preview Of What It Will Look Like:
    ba3f3066-cf9b-4e2a-b4a6-a25b108892e8-Screenshot 2023-01-18 181801.png

    • How Do I Get This Background For Myself?
      To get this this background for yourself, first you'll need to download it. The download will be linked below:


    • Once you've downloaded the file, drag and drop it into the following path in your file explorer:
      C:\Users(Your Username)\AppData\Local\Plutonium\storage\t6\images

    • Sidenote;
      If there's no "images" folder, simply create a new folder within "t6" and name it "images".
      Now when you boot up Black Ops 2 via Plutonium this background will be loaded. Enjoy!

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