Suspected Cheating

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  • I've been playing custom matches with my friend and I think he might be cheating, first off the day he downloaded plutonium his rank magically jumped to level 55, and has since jumped to prestige master within the span of a week. He claims to have only played a few games on the server browser. Second his situational awareness and ability to predict my position is vastly different from how he plays in person on console. He always seems to push forward the moment I stop holding an angle behind a wall and generally seems to hit me with every concussion he throws. He has also hit a number of suspect shots through walls. Is there any other explanation for this than cheating. I'm willing to accept I'm just bad at the game but I can't understand the rank stuff.

  • @tomtheboss9 There is a button to do the unlockall and be max prestige instant. There is also a command for that if you type \unlockall in console you will unlock all

  • @Sorex Yeah I saw that but how does that explain the level 55 thing, he also claims to not have the guns and attachments unlocked

  • @tomtheboss9 Another command to just change xp, setplayerstat should be called

  • That makes sense but I've asked him multiple times and he's never given either of these explanations

  • Your friend is either playing with you or he's not a real friend from what you're saying, looks like a friendship issue more than anything lol.

    Anyways, yeah you can do anything you want with ranks/attachments etc it's clearly not surprising
    Note that scripts are server side so he could have a GSC mod menu (which is allowed) and use it to give himself a wallhack or whatever so you could try to host the custom game yourself instead of letting him invite you so that only your scripts are loaded and he cannot give himself stuff anymore if that's what he's doing

  • you are simply just bad at the game

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