weird glow/reflection effect on weapon texture

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  • so basically, i was trying to make a custom texture for the DSR (don't mind the text and the girl on the scope lol) but whenever i edit a certain texture it gets a weird reflection effect as if the entire gun was like a metal texture.

    without the edited texture:

    with the edited texture:

    and this is the texture in question that whenever i put it into the game, it gives that weird effect:

    this is the other texture that is also used for DSR at the same time that the other one but this one gives me no issue when i put only this one into the game:

    it is also worth mentioning that whenever i put in the game the first texture (the one with the problem), even if it's not editted, extracted right from the game files and converted into a iwi file and then putted into the game, it has that same issue. so i don't know what's exactly the problem. maybe the configuration in which i save the image as dds?

    (the configuration in question):

    if someone could please help me with this issue I would be deeply grateful!

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