is there a way so it doesnt completely break your game when using the /give command for literally any gun (both zm and mp)

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  • when i did this in TranZit it made my screen have the lava effects and i couldnt gain points,
    when i did this in Die Rise it made my screen have the Whos Who screen effects and it was even weirder than Tranzit because it made my guns invisible and not able to display ammo count properly, when i did it in buried it was the exact same, (time bomb screen effect with the same effects as die rise) is there a script that fixes this issue i dont wanna install a gsc script for a mod menu they are annoying to use

  • I never heard of something having this issue in MP. Did you actually test it?

    As for ZM you could either simply use a mod menu or copy paste a give weapon function/create your own in a script, doesn't require much

  • Try to use a mod menu or write some gsc that adds your own give command, iiric the built in one has some anticheat shenanigans.

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