How to install Plutonium T6

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  • Introduction

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    Thanks for interest in Plutonium! This guide will cover the installation of Plutonium T6 for both users who already have the game installed and those who don't.
    Please take the time to read this guide in its entirety, if you encounter an issue along the way please consult the common issues post before asking for help:

    T6 = Black Ops 2
    (Codename for Treyarch's 6th game)

    I just want to update / already have the game installed?

    If you already have the game installed from steam or had a previous update of Plutonium then you can skip the below section and move onto the Plutonium Launcher section.

    Installing the base game (BO2)

    This section will cover downloading a copy of BO2. Please skip this section if you already have a copy of the game.

    Please note we highly recommend buying the game if you do not own it, it is the best way to get a copy of the game files that are up to date and not corrupt or changed in some way. Key sites will give you a decent discount in 2021.

    Step 1) From the windows file explorer navigate to My PC, then to Local Disc (C:) and create a new folder called Games




    Step 2) Download/open your favourite torrent software.
    qBittorent Windows x64 is recommended:

    Step 3) Download the torrent file:

    Step 4) Open the torrent file pluto_t6_full_game.torrent (from the previous step) it will open up your torrent client program and ask you where you'd like to save the game.

    Step 5) Start the download and wait till the download completes you will know it's done when it 100% and the status changes to Seeding

    Once it's done you will have your copy of the game downloaded, here is an example of a completed base game folder:

    Completed Game Folder

    Plutonium Launcher

    This section will cover installing using the new Plutonium Launcher. This launcher is now used to start the game and is also how updates are applied for our supported games.

    Step 1) Click the following link to download plutonium.exe (The launcher)
    You can save the launcher anywhere you want, somewhere convenient such as your desktop or the game folder.

    Step 2) Open the launcher, if smart screen comes up click More info, then Run anyway



    The launcher will now start the process of installing the client files... Please be patient and wait, this is a one time process.

    Step 3) Enter your forum credentials to login, if you don't already have a forum account you can create one here:


    Step 4) Navigate to Black Ops 2 and then hit SETUP and then select your Black Ops 2 game folder:


    • If you are using a steam copy it will be in this location: {Drive letter}\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops 2

    • If you are using the torrent it will be in a folder named pluto_t6_full_game

    (If you ever need to reselect the game folder, simply click the COG icon next to the PLAY button)

    For those struggling to locate your game folder, this is what the contents of the game folder will look like:

    Completed Game Folder

    Getting this error?

    As the error says you have a invalid game path selected in the launcher. To fix this issue click the following icon to reselect your game folder:

    Congratulations you have completed the installation guide.

    To launch BO2 simply open the Plutonium launcher and select PLAY

    if you encounter an issue please consult the common issues post before asking for help:

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