Frame drops/optimization issues?

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  • soooooo ive noticed with the new update ive been getting serious frame drop issues more often than not. And its not like im running on old hardware its a gaming laptop from not even four years ago. ive got some damn good looking games running solidly and yet when i join servers i get mostly less than 20 frames in a firefight, as before the latest update ive been getting a consistent 60 sometimes over 100. Sometimes if im staring in a corner away from everyone ill tap 60, but it should be all the time. Just wondering if anyone has been having the same issues or has any fixes. im running on the lowest graphics too before i get those comments.

  • I've been getting as well

    I play on a AMD Athlon x2 255 processor and a Geforce GT 710 graphics card and I was easily holding 60 FPS before the update but now it stutters a ton and hovers around 30-40 in zombies and 20-30 in multiplayer

  • @didlo Make sure you allow the bootstrapper to run on your dedicated GPU.

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