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  • Help me please, I skip a sign that said that my username or something like that was not verified, and if I had verified it, I was playing for a long time, but I skip this now and I cannot log in, they have literally banned me XD

    From already thank you very much.

  • If it's not verified, simply go to your email inbox, search in important, spam, etc and you'll spot a pluto email. Click the link to get verified

  • I hope it is well understood, because I am using google translator.
    Yes, I had already verified it and I was playing for a long time, that is why that specific notification surprised me, but well, I wanted to see if I could remove the ban or something, if not, they tell me that I have to do another account, no problem, but the only thing that bothers is the username that I suppose I can not change later, but then there would be no problem if necessary.

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