I prestieged for a extra class set and now my game doesnt let me play on servers

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  • i prestieged for another class slot because I was never satisfied with only the normal amount and now i cant get into any server games, ive deleted the game and reinstalled it and even made another account but its still saved, please help ive wanted to play this for so long

  • Use resetStats on the console, it will reset your stats back to 0. And don't unlock any other class slots.

  • Weird, I have 10 class slots and everything works mostly fine, though the game does sometimes crash

  • Yeah I have a workaround.
    unlockall command still doesn't unlock additional 5 class slots usually gained from prestiging normally.

    Workaround is to manually prestige by one level using this command
    statsetbyname plevel 1

    And going to barracks to unlock the class slots at the prestige mode
    And under prestige awards, select extra class slot.

    To unlock next 4 class slots, just type in the command
    statsetbyname plevel 2

    And repeat the steps till you get all the class slots unlocked

    Copied from PeterG

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