Offline Explosive Bullets

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  • for the life of me i cannot find anything that works for plutonium regarding explosive bullets (offline of course, for recording private match clips so i can practice editing again).

    i can use ufo, godmode, infinite ammo, bots, etc via console commands. But to my knowledge explosive bullets cant be toggled via console commands. (tried bg_forceExplosiveBullets as well as the radius and damage modifiers for it).

    again, this is for OFFLINE use only.

    Also, i know i posted 2 other things earlier.. so im sorry for sort of spam posting.

    ill appreciate any help i can get.

  • ur not getting support for cheating.

  • @Zaid said in Offline Explosive Bullets:

    ur not getting support for cheating.

    How is he cheating lol? He said he wanted them for offline solo play meaning he's messing around with bots.

  • Mate, you're not gonna get support for that from the staff. It's still cheating even if you're doing it on lan. Ask your friends or Google if you wanna use mod menus in lan that much.

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