Keep having errors with downloading piry

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  • Basically i downloaded plutonium a few months back and had several errors most of which were not allowing me to play all the DLC maps. Here are screenshots of what one of them looks like.
    In the past it would have continued to download the rest regardless of the errors. But now when i am trying to redownload piry it just gets stuck after the first error. unsure as to if there is a fix. But any help would be appreciated.
    Things i have tried:

    1. delete all from the original file except piry and tried again still stuck
    2. Turned of anti virus, anti cheat etc.
    3. looked through dozens of past posts but none had the same issues
    4. also waited several hours in hopes that it would fix itself but that didn't help just stayed stuck so.
      tbh i would love if it would work but this download method is super outdated and bugged
      Ease of access defiantly helps someone with very minimal knowledge of the service.
  • Can you screenshot your error?
    "It gets stuck after first error" doesn't really help

  • This post is deleted!
  • im just gunna not download i will have to reisnstall and hope i get the error or it works

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