[Support] XUID Menu Template?

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  • Hi,
    I was just wondering if there are any available XUID menu that have basic functions in them? (i.e. Save and Load, UFO, etc).

    I know there are example scripts and a handful of example menu but trying to integrate them into a menu base has not proved effective.

    Please note: I am not requesting anyone create one of these as I don't want to waste your time but if you know of one, it would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Are you attempting to make the menu only available for certain XUID's?
    If so, you can simply put this onPlayerSpawned.

    self.xuid = self getxuid();
    then simply run


    if(self.xuid == "XUID HERE" || self.xuid == "ANOTHER XUID HERE")
            //function goes here
           //Example: self thread doGodMode();
  • @ujicos I wasn't looking for that in particular but that will be helpful, many thanks brotha

  • @Vulgar i made two menu bases that 95% work. You can find all the other functions with a google search.

  • @Ducxy Yeah I had a look at both your templates prior to posting this as I haven't touched a GSC file since I used to use my old Jailbreak; I couldn't get the menu to work after I'd added functions and compiled so that's why I was searching for a pre made one with basic functions.
    I've taken some time and believe I've managed to get it working with my added functions after using your menu base so I might be all good.

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