[Support] mode menu or admin menu zombie ?

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  • Hello , i woulk like to know if we can get a mod menu or admin menu zombie ?

  • Are you asking if its possible to run a GSC mod menu in zombies, or are you asking for one?

  • yes i asking for one and is that it is possible to put one ?

  • I believe it is possible if you run a server, however i'm unsure.

  • okay i gonna watch that thanks

  • @bryan you can run GSC menus/scripts on your server. Place the maps folder in your T6R/Data folder.

  • did you have good menu or a good script for the zombie ? because i have a script with jogg and weapon but it's for the people who join not for me

  • Because I’d like to enjoy the perks and weapons I put on my server I don’t know how to do

  • @bryan ```
    Here is my one - Gives everyone Jugg and a weapon upon spawining

    #include common_scripts\utility;
    #include maps\mp\zombies\_zm;
    #include maps\mp\zombies\_zm_utility;
    	level.clientid = 0;
    	level.perk_purchase_limit = 9;
    	level thread onplayerconnect();
    	for ( ;; )
    		level waittill( "connecting", player );
    		player.clientid = level.clientid;
    		player thread onplayerspawned();
    	level endon( "game_ended" );
            self endon( "disconnect" );
    		self welcome();
        self waittill( "spawned_player" );
    	    self IPrintLnBold( "^5Welcome to ^7Ted Gang's ^5Zombie Lobby" );
        self maps/mp/zombies/_zm_perks::give_perk( "specialty_armorvest" );
        self giveWeapon( "mp5k_upgraded_zm" );
        wait 7;
        self iprintln("^2" +self.name + "^7 , your perk limit has been removed");
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