How to open more than one server at a time?

  • Good evening,
    I made 3 copies of the server folder, I changed the ports opened in the firewall but it happens that if I open the server 1 when I open the 2 and 3 only the first one appears that was opened the same if I open the server 2 then the others do not appear in the list
    Does anyone know how to solve this?
    Thank you !

  • did you change the ports in the server config or did you change it in the launch arguments? you have to change it in the launch arguments for it to work.

  • I changed in the server.cfg that is inside the admin folder

  • yeah, don't do that, it doesn't do anything. in your .bat file that you run the server list add the argument +net_port [port]

    for example you would put: +net_port 27017

    the for the next server it would be: +net_port 27018

    and so on. hope you figure it out. :)

  • Ah understand how I create this Bat file for several servers?

  • here, download my .bat that i use for my clan servers:

    put that file in each server directory and make sure you edit it (right click and choose edit) and make the port different in each one. let me know if you got it working now.

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    You don't have to make copies of the server folder, just copy the .cfg (and .dspl) file(s) and edit your bat to use the copy of the .cfg file and a different port.

  • @Xerxes I make this, but they disable the g_log dvar, it still works well? I used g_log server_1, g_log server_2 ...

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    Logging is currently disabled to increase the server stability/performance.

  • @fallen-sea
    Thanks for the file ...
    I resealed my firewall and released all the ports at one time and before that I did the test to see if any server was going to appear on the list and giving refresh but none appeared, so I released the doors followed by a house comma releasing both for one and for the another and I changed both the server.cfg and start but anyway only one was released which already uses the original ports such as net_port 27015 and now I do not know what else to do!
    follow all the doors below!
    This one works!

    • set net_queryPort 27014
    • set net_port 27015
    • set net_authPort 8766
    • set net_masterServerPort 27016
      This one does not work!
    • set net_queryPort 27010
    • set net_port 27011
    • set net_authPort 8760
    • set net_masterServerPort 27012

    All released at once on the firewall in the same rule!
    OBS: I just found out that in that the ports are not working, if I change in the start.bat the port to 27015 it works even without changing in cfg!
    Does it only accept to work on specific ports?
    Thank you so much!

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    Of course the cfg won't change any ports, it even says so // Server command-line parameters (this section is for documentation only).

    Also net_queryPort, net_authPort and net_masterServerPort got removed from Plutonium and are not needed / non existent.

  • @xerxes
    So how do I make it work with ports other than 27015?

  • just change the +net_port in the .bat file to something else.

  • @fallen-sea

    I'm releasing the post in the .bat file and in the firewall for example 27015, 27018 but only the server that works with port 27015 does not know why!
    I have running MW2 servers with ports freed and they are running normally different from this!

    This works!
    MTP_iw5mp_server2.exe + set net_port 27015 + set sv_config "server_teste.cfg" + start_map_rotate

    This not !
    MTP_iw5mp_server.exe + set net_port 27018 + set sv_config "server.cfg" + start_map_rotate

  • is it the server config file causing an error?

  • @fallen-sea

    It has no error, if I change the port both from one to the other to 27015 both appear in the list!

    On which port are your servers working?

  • VIP

    Alright if you wanna to create one more server in same VPS or PC
    You need to change ports in server.cfg

    NOTE: Every server need to have own server files (etc: One server for TDM and other server [Copied from TDM] to mode SND...
    In every server need to be different ports..

    And this look like this for first server ( normal ports ) :

    // Open game port (Steam-visible server game port)
    //+set net_queryPort 27014

    // Secure game port
    //+set net_port 27015

    // Steam authentication port
    //+set net_authPort 8766

    // Steam master server (server browser) port
    //+set net_masterServerPort 27016

    For second server or more servers looks like this :

    // Open game port (Steam-visible server game port)
    //+set net_queryPort 27017

    // Secure game port
    //+set net_port 27018

    // Steam authentication port
    //+set net_authPort 8767

    // Steam master server (server browser) port
    //+set net_masterServerPort 27019

    So if you wanna again more servers just go one number forward
    Understand ?

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    A most of these ports are not needed.
    B that are comment line in a cfg and they won't change anything.
    C one doesn't change ports through the cfg at all.

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    Why do you have 2 executables? just use plutonium_iw5mp_server.exe.

  • @xerxes

    So I'm using a single executable and in my CFG it looks like this:

    // Specify server configuration file (this file)

    • set sv_config "filename" (default "server.cfg")

    // Specify server visibility (1 = LAN, 2 = Internet (default))

    • set dedicated 2

    // Open game port (Steam-visible server game port)
    // + set net_queryPort 27010

    // Secure game port
    // set net_port 27011

    // Steam authentication port
    // + set net_authPort 8760

    // Steam master server (server browser) port
    // + set net_masterServerPort 27012

    And at start I'm using it like this:
    MTP_iw5mp_server.exe + set net_port 27015 + set sv_config "server.cfg" + start_map_rotate

    I opened it using 2 different start but only appeared in the list which has configured the port 27015 and in the firewall has several ports released next to it, it is as if it only worked in this 27015 because in the firewall everything is ok until in the modem!