Hey, hackers are starting to be a problem here.

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  • Hey, it's TakeThisMoab.

    Personally, as a player, i really love the precautions that admins put in their servers, like votekick and report, but i think it's not enough.

    It is just annoying when people prefire you behind the wall just because you're in streak, or even worst, just to troll you.

    I think it's just sad in 2020 to find hackers in a private server of mw3.

    I love plutonium, i love the community, wish you guys can do something about it, like put an anticheat or something like that.

    Personally, i'll try to report with killcam proof every player that is hacking, so i hope that i can help on improving the game experience in PlutoIW5

    Thanks for read, hope i get a little help here ๐Ÿ˜„

  • There's already a good anticheat which bans 90% of the cheaters who try to inject into the game, the rest are probably banned by iw4madmin running servers. Are you sure they're hacking? Most of the times it's just really sweaty people who soundwhore and stuff, or they just pre shoot almost everywhere because of hardcore servers

  • @HannesC Hey bud!

    I'm a og player, i played really a lot this game and i understand when someone is hacking or not. Specialist bonus on, not an hardcore server, it's literally impossible when someone is aiming you behind the wall and follows you with the aim until u came out

    That's sad.

  • I mean the anticheat's good, but it cant catch every cheat. That's where your role comes, to record them and give them to server owner who can ban them. Also not like Pluto's overrun by cheaters, you've probably just met 1-2 of them

  • @HannesC I'm glad to know that there is an anticheat, then i'll try to help as much as i can, thank you! ๐Ÿ˜„

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