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  • Hello

    Just trying to get this GSC to work where instead of sitting on the Hunter Killer until it exploads, it instead sits there for a few seconds then lets you fall? tried everything i could think of but did not work.




    self endon("disconnect");
    self giveWeapon( "missile_drone_mp" );
        self switchToWeapon( "missile_drone_mp" );
        self iPrintln("Hunter Killer Drone ^2Given");  
    wait .3;
    for (;;)
    	self waittill("missile_fire", weapon, weapname);
    	self enableInvulnerability();
    	if (weapname == "missile_drone_projectile_mp")
    		self PlayerLinkTo(weapon);
    		weapon waittill("death");
    		self detachAll();
    		self DisableInvulnerability();
    wait 0.05;


  • These mods for trickshotters are getting more and more ridiculous I swear, but who am I to judge.

    Anyway, replacing weapon waittill("death"); by wait X; (replace X by the amount of seconds you want) should do the trick. I'm not sure how you can come up with a "waittill" but not a simple "wait" though...

    You need to replace self detachAll(); by self Unlink(); aswell: detachAll() isn't what you need to use in that situation.

    Also put self enableInvulnerability(); inside your if statement : you don't want to give godmode to people who fires RPGs/SMAWs.

  • @sass haha yeah they are it is sick though.

    I tried putting “ wait x “ but for some reason it just doesn’t detach at all, jus totally ignores the wait,

  • @Hyper Did you use self Unlink(); instead of self detachAll(); ?
    I told you to use Unlink() in my previous reply, I suggest you read it entirely.

  • @sass thank you love you. Working fine now thank you

  • Glad to hear that. Locking thread.

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