Scripting Updates?

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  • Pluto IW5 is a great idea with an impressive application - the developers certainly did wonders with the anti cheat and networking code. With that in mind, I don't want this thread to sound like a demand, simply an invite to a more open conversation.

    I believe the Plutonium modding community understands how hard the challenge to bring proper managed scripting to Pluto IW5 is - it sucks that we can't take advantage of GSC like we can with Pluto T6. As a result, we saw a spike of modders hyped up and developing awesome scripts to Pluto IW5, but lately this productive community is slowly dying.

    However, I do not think this challenge by itself is responsible for the modding community shrink but rather the little dialogue between the modding community and the Plutonium IW5 developers.

    Little things like explaining what the developers think is going on behind those uncallable functions and weird property accessing. This may be too much, but pre-release progress updates on such matters would go a long way on reminding the modding community that the developer team is actively working on the issue.

    Again, this is not a demand but rather a suggestion. Thank you all for the work you've done on this so far.

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