[Release] Votekick v1.0

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  • Votekick For PlutoT6 Black ops II

    Developed by DoktorSAS

    Download: https://github.com/DoktorSAS/votekick

    Video: https://youtu.be/A7eka48Riuk

    Given the use of Black ops II I decided to create a simple Votekick system. In fact through the console
    it will be possible to vote to hunt a player who does not respect the rules.
    The moderators can not always be online, so players can hunt the bad guys if they agree.

    How to use it?

    1. Download the _scoreboard.gsc
    2. Drag and drop the file into your gametypes folder
    Prefix #1 Prefix #2 command description
    votekick vk list This command is to see all players id
    votekick vk ID The ID is a number, put the ID of the players that you want to kick. This command is to start votekick
    votekick vk yes This is to vote yes to the votekick
    votekick vk no This is to vote no to the votekick

    Report all bugs and problems under this post

  • any way to get this to work for zombies? i added the zm equivalent includes, but there doesn't seem to be a "notifyonplayercommand" function. (i didn't think bo2 had this, anyway?)

  • @INSANEMODE I'll see if i can made a votekick system on zombies, i'll see what i can do

  • that would be great if you can. ๐Ÿ™‚

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