AntiCheat ban policy.

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    It is important you read and understand the following policy in regards to our anticheat system.

    Upon detection of a Cheat:

    • Automatic ban of 7 days is placed onto the account.

    • When the player tries to login, they will be displayed a message which tells them they are banned and also tells them how long is left until the ban expires.

    • Attempting to bypass the ban in any way will lead to further restrictions.

    • Ban appeals are no longer accepted or possible to make, any threads created to appeal a ban will be deleted.

    • Once the ban length has expired, the system will automatically remove the ban.

    • If the player is caught cheating again, the system will ban the account permanently.

    • We will not provide any information regarding any given ban, remember you broke our rules.


    The anticheat is always active even in solo play / private match. If you wish to cheat in private / solo you can use the launchers LAN mode which disables online functionality and disables the anticheat. The anticheat will be triggered by the following but not limited to injections, external tools and cheats, gsc injectors, rank unlockers, class editors, fov and FPS changer programs etc. All official supported modding is safe including our gsc support.

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