New AntiCheat ban policy.

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  • Hello all,

    We have reworked our AntiCheat ban policy. We hope this will reduce the workload for unbanning and streamline the process. This system will go live from some point today and will require some downtime whilst we implement it. All old bans will be revoked to give previously banned players an opportunity to play fairly.

    The old system worked as follows:

    • A cheat would be detected.

    • Ban automatically placed on the account.

    • Player submits a ban appeal, if accepted, ban would be manually lifted in 7 days days.

    • Player can play again after 7 days, if caught again, the ban would be reinstated and be permanent

    The new system works as follows:

    • Cheat is detected.

    • Automatic ban of 7 days is placed onto the account.

    • When the player tries to login, they will be displayed a message which tells them they are banned and also tells them how long is left until the ban expires.

    • Attempting to bypass the ban in any way will lead to further restrictions.

    • Ban appeals are no longer accepted or possible to make, any threads created to appeal a ban will be deleted.

    • Once the ban length has expired, the system will automatically remove the ban.

    • If the player is caught cheating again, the system will ban the account permanently.

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