I'm new,i need help thanks.Problem with the game performance on pc with good enough specs

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  • Hi,i need help.I've never encountered this issue before...The thing is whenever i launch the game and i join a room i get incredibly low fps ,but i have a more than discrete gpu (1050) and a more than adequate cpu (6 cores).
    The strange thing is when i go to certain areas of the map it goes up to a whoapping 180-190 fps,but more than half of the time it goes down to 30-40 fps for no reason,this game is from 2012 if recall correctly and i don't think the problem is with my hardware,i've played many many games throughout the years that i've owned this pc,and the only things that i needed to do was to lower a little the settings,and i've always had at least 60 fps in any game,and yes i've already done it in this game too,but with no avail.Another question is if i can play campaign or zombie mode offline(and not only online) on my own.Thanks in advance for the help

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