Game Crashes When Loading Into Servers

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  • Hi, whenever I load into a server my game crashes. I can launch the game, pick classes, channel titles and whatever else but whenever I load into a server I see one frame of the map loading and then instant black. Below is a screenshot of what happens after I exit to windows. 91d00c78-6649-4ad9-bf3d-745bb5e5ae36-image.png

    I have redownlaoded BO2 Pluto and Pluto launcher at least 5 times now. I can play iW5 fine and dandy but no BO2. What am I suppose to do to fix this.

  • Also I am missing files:
    Someone Else's File


  • @PsyK You have 10 classes?

  • Corrupted stats, type resetstats into console. Its fine you're missing the exes since they're older versions of the game, pluto launcher launches the games now.

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