This is the bug no one have been able to solve yet

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  • Basically what happens is, no matter what I do, the game will simply refuse to launch multiplayer or zombies and will run them in background mode instead. No matter where I launch it from, Plutonium launcher, Steam. They all do the same thing. (except in pluto it will just freeze at the cmd screen with no text in it). It is been a while since I been having this issue (like a year or so) and I am still yet to find a solution. Wonder if any of you guys can help me out.

    The game do open in campaign however, but trying to launch any other modes from the sp menu will not work either.

    Video showing what happens

    I can literally run any other game on this pc (from cod:waw to modern warfare 2019) just not bo2(zm/mp) for some reason...

  • What antivirus do you use? Also do you have MSI afterburner running in your background?

  • @Erickgames_HD Try disabling your antivirus. Could also be a permission issue since your game and the launcher are in program files, try running the launcher as admin.

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