Banned for Trying to use cheats in a custom game.

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  • Got banned for 7 days injecting a cheat into my game while in custom game (Unlimited Class Slots), was wondering if the ban could be reduced at all? 7days is a bit harsh for this. Didn't even connect to any servers or start the actual custom game with bots. ๐Ÿ˜• Apology if this is in the wrong category!

  • @redruM The anticheat doesn't distinguish between injecting a cheat or injecting a unlimited class slots thingy, they essentially work the same way. Bans are automatic and won't be reduced, if you wanna cheat switch to lan mode (arrow next to the play button).

  • @Dss0 yea i realized that after i got banned, stupid on my end and i wont be injecting anything into my game again. thanks i guess

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