Q: How do I close the console?

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  • I had problems opening the console at first, but I figured out that I had to Shift + Tilde. Now, my next problem is that I can't close the console to actually click anything in game. When I Shift + Tilde it only closes my command history but not the input section of the console.

  • Just pressing tilde opens/closes the console. Shift + tilde just shows the extended version of console.

  • Only pressing tilde doesn't open anything for me sadly. The only way that the console appears is if I press Shift + Tilde. Though after I do Shift + Tilde the game is just stuck with the console overlay and I can hover over buttons but it won't let me click them.

  • same here, cant really get the unlock all that way and it kinda sucks ngl bc the command "closemenu" and "closemenuimmediate" dont work

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