Two Bugs With Singleplayer Campaign

  • There are two very annoying bugs with singleplayer that I noticed.

    First bug is, when you exit the game, it crashes. I won't let me play the game unless if I wait for a few minutes. (Multiplayer still works) Crash dump file will be provided below.

    Second bug is when you die in the campaign, the checkpoints do not work. In result, I have to start the mission all over whenever I die. I have tried to go into the main menu and select "Load from last checkpoint", but this doesn't work. I tried exiting the mission entirely and select "Resume game" in the menu, but this only brings me back to the beginning of the mission as well.


  • Update: Recarding the second bug, even when I completed an entire mission, the game didn't register that I completed it at all. The "Select Mission" option is unavailable and it says that 0% of the campaign was completed.

  • Project Moderator

    Thanks for reporting, we are currently more focused upon getting the promissed features for the MP part to work tho.

    Will be fixed later on most likely anyways :)

  • Regional Moderator

    I have no issues with saving checkpoints or completed missions. Check for having write permissions enabled

  • Project Admin

    Regarding the crashdump: working on it and hopefully fixed in the next update.