Can't launch the game

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  • Good morning / afternoon / night for everyone.
    I'm trying to play the game since wednesday from this week but i Can't play and I dunno know what is happens.
    I have search our forum point to point but cannot solve this trouble.
    I already install the vcredist x86 and x64 and also installed direct x, as some other threads are solving by it, but have the same problem.
    I disabled definitely my anti-virus (windows defender) and also disabled the windows firewall completely and re-installed the game, but not happens.
    I downloaded a pack with all visual c ++ packages, but not solved.
    I am a software technician, but I cant solve this issue and this is firing my head, because I did everything I found in forum.

    I'm using W10, updated, no anti-virus and no firewall, directx and vbredist installed, I've selected the right game's folder, but when I click to play the launcher just shows 'loading t6' for 4 seconds and so it closes and nothing happens. The proccess of launcher is closed on task manager, doesn't show any error message or something like that, and the game doesn't appear.

    Can someone help me to solve this trouble, please?

  • Usually happens because you're missing DX9 runtimes. But since you said you already ran dxsetup.exe from , no clue mate.

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