Could not authenticate to Plutonium and server disconnect.

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  • Hello everyone,i was very happy today to run into this Plutonium project ,if i can call it ,i was all happy about playing zombies again with other players :),but from time to time this horrible problem shows up,u can imagine how big it is when on high round u get dc from server QQ...
    So yeah,here i am on Origin III server ,some higher round,we done over half easter egg and boom,i got message of some sort,can't remember good thou ,but something like server disconnect and it just returns me to main menu in game,when i search servers again i find that Origin III server and i see that there is 0 players on it,so i guess it could be not my side problem only ?.
    So now when i try connect any server , i get this message:

    I've read some FAQ first and see that there is one issue with number of players online,with origins where if 5th player is joined ,it crashes,so that's just horrible ,who can anyway prevent anyone from joining ?,is it not possible somehow to limit number of players to good old max 4 per server ,i think that would solve many problems.I had same disconnect problem on nuketown map,and yes there were more than 4 players online at the time.
    Thanks anyone who will help me out with this,i am not sure is it my side problem or not.Currently i can't join any server i think,i try few,but i see they are not empty like that origins III ,yet i still can't join em.

  • Any how do you expect us to help you if you can't even tell us the error message?

  • It's on link where i posted screenshot,i just got same disconnect from origins map,but we were 4 players this time.We almost finished easter egg and i just got dc suddenly,i think other got too cuz i checked server is empty.

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