Plutonium's AppData Filesize

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  • So I've been using Plutonium primarily to play Zombies and, after a recent crash, I noticed that the applications file size in my AppData directory grew substantially (166MB to 1.4GB) I was wondering if it was possible to move Plutonium's folder to another one of my drives permanently?

    This has happened before, and the band-aid fix I do for it is to move Plutonium's AppData folder to the shortcut launcher's folder I have setup in another drive, then delete the old AppData folder. I don't want to do this every time I find Plutonium eating more of the already strict space present on the drive that folder's in.

  • Yes when pluto crashes, it creates a dump file which contains more info about what exactly went wrong/caused the crash and are usually big files ~500MB or 1GB. You can just go to %localappdata%/plutonium/crashdumps and delete all the files inside them. If you go and check Pluto's size again after you're done, you'll see it's back at ~200mb.

  • @HannesC
    Great, will do. Thanks.

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