Anticheat Stats 5th Month

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  • Hello everyone - Plutonium IW5 has been released for 4 months and the Plutonium T6 update for 1 month so please see the stats below.

    We currently have 165000 registered forum users (an increase of nearly 100k registered users in 1 month) and 84000 Discord Members.
    Our AntiCheat has banned 3565 accounts for cheating in Plutonium IW5 and Plutonium T6.
    1686 of those accounts were unique hackers with 1879 additional accounts created and instantly banned for attempting to bypass / evade their original ban.

    We expected an increase in anticheat bans but we were not expecting 3000+, as a result of this we have seen more registrations than ever before as well as higher average player counts with a peak of 900 players across all our games at some points.

    We hope the community is enjoying the project!


  • Good stuff. 💯

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