Random Crashes for me are getting ridiculous

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  • An issue I had before was that every time I'd play the map Origins, the game would end up crashing at about rounds 11-14. I don't get any error messages nothing, just exits the game nothing more. I've ran the piry.exe multiple times to try and fix any possible broken files. It has crashed in solo games and dedicated servers with a max of 4 players. I wasn't too sure what could be wrong so I ended up deleting all the files and re downloading them, to get a fresh copy of Plutonium. I've been playing the game and the crashes have been worse. The worst one I've had so far, was as soon as I made it to gen 3 the game crashed. I have done about every single possible thing I could think of to try and fix this issue, and none of them have worked. I've asked people in the discord if they knew any solutions and none were familiar with this issue. This is getting really annoying and every time it crashes I just wanna play less and less ๐Ÿ˜• If anybody has any possible solutions please let me know.

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