How do i change the buried(tranzit i think) pap texture to this?

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  • Okie, so ive been playing around with @Cahz 's all in one texture replacer, and i LOVE it, and ive tried to do this a few times, but i CANNOT for the life of me get it.

    Im trying to take @Gun's pink w115 texture -->

    And make it the default pap texture (the one on tranzit and buried)

    Anyone have experience or know how to do this, and which files should be named what?

  • @MrMcyeet the default pap doesn't have enough textures in order to pull off the pink w115 texture.

    The animated camos (cyborg, dragon, afterlife, w115, MOTD pap camo) all have more texture layers than regular camos.

    And the regular pap camo is missing those extra textures
    (no glow/heat texture)

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