How to change the health of panzersoldat?

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  • So I was working with Sorex to try to figure this one out. He tried helping me but it didn't quite work. I tried affecting the health through _clientids. also tried to include zm_tomb/aitype/zm_tomb_mech_zombie.gsc but it doesnt get loaded on the server.
    any ideas?...

  • @SpicySpider Unfortunately, if you want to modify the health of the panzer you would have to modify _zm_ai_mechz.gsc in zm_tomb_patch/maps/mp/zombies. This is because the health is only set at the init() and then only when the panzer's health is supposed to increase in mechz_health_increases().

    It is likely there will be a lot of bugs due to how big the script is so you will have to fix it.

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