I play one game and it crashes

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  • I can load the game just fine and join a server but then when it changes maps i get kicked out and if i try and load back in and just join again it says im already in the server and i have to quit the game and re-launch it so that way it "kicks" me from the server.

  • We are aware of this bug and are investigating the cause. I know it won't help too much but you don't have to restart your entire game, you just need to wait roughly 30 seconds and then try to rejoin.

  • So just an update, I appreciate the response but as of late it doesnt ever load back in for me I have to restart my game even though you said I dont need to. Once I get kicked I always get the "error connecting to server" message and I can sit there clicking it for 5+ minutes and it still says it. Now I do see the server is populated while im trying to rejoin it but this is just my experience with it.

  • @Rhody did you end up finding a fix?

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