[Support] Can someone help me with Anti Cheat

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  • I need help making an Anti-Cheat/Aimbot Detection GSC Script. I had one made but it didnt work and only triggered when a hunter killer drone hitmarkered someone

  • a GOOD anticheat is not a simple task to make, certainly probably not explainable via a forum post.
    If you check these forums I think somebody else made one using GSC, they are limited but does a job i guess. I can't remember the thread but if you search you may find it.

  • @Ducxy Just use Iw4admin and connect it to your server.

  • That won't magically add an anticheat to it. I did port IW4ma's anticheat to T6 but use it with caution ๐Ÿ˜†

  • @Xerxes Could you indicate how to do it ?, certainly the iw4m anticheat is for COD4.

  • First thing first. You will have to edit the metrics to ignore certain IW4x cheat detections such as norecoil (Which is right now false positive on T6. Be sure to unban those if you screw up the stats json) on the StatsPluginSettings.json file and then compile this gsc file. and stick it in your t6r/data/maps/mp/gametypes/ and make sure the filename is called _clientids.gsc

    Here is mine for example

      "EnableAntiCheat": true,
      "KillstreakMessages": [],
      "DeathstreakMessages": [],
      "RecoilessWeapons": [
      "TopPlayersMinPlayTime": 10800,
      "StoreClientKills": false,
      "DetectionDistributions": null,
      "ServerDetectionTypes": {
        "1270014976": [

    1270014976 being your IP address and Port on the end. You can use local or the actual IP just Make sure it matches the same IP you have on IW4MAdminSettings.json as well.

    Do not use dot's or : on your IP or you will have a broken json file. that's why they were removed for a reason.

    If you skip this step. You will get false postives for norecoil and some angry players lol

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