Unable to recompile a mod menu that I decompiled and fixed

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  • I have been attempting to recompile a GSC mod menu for my server. I have one menu working on my server, but it is absolute trash. I found a new one that I wanted to use, so I decompiled it and edited in a few things to allow it to work on my server. After 3 hours of debugging I finally had it working with no syntax errors, but when I start to decompile the program just closes itself with no errors. I tried using GSC Studio to compile but it is just stuck on "Exporting".


    As you can see in the gif Compiler.exe starts up then immediately closes and it doesn't output the compiled script.

  • @Dopemp3 if you copiled with GSC studio the project is automaticaly compiled, try to open the _clientids.gsc if you see weird things thats mean is compiled

  • @Dopemp3 Decompilers aren't perfect they don't produce original source. You'll have to thoroughly study the code for errors in order to even get it to compile.

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