Bots won't spawn.

  • Okay so, I have to start up by saying I've not been here following if anything's been going on. Just updated and saw bots were back.

    Type: Multiplayer/Dedicated server.
    Description: The problem is, when I type in "bot17" it won't let me spawn them at all. Console just shows "spawning 17 bots. Takes approximately 8 seconds" but nothing ever happens.
    Steps needed to reproduce: Type "bot 10" on the console for example.
    Crashdump: Didn't crash.
    Screenshot/Video: Don't have one.

  • VIP

    Bots have not yet been implemented yet.

  • Okay, will there be an announcement when they are implemented? Like included in a patch note or so?

  • VIP

    In the next new update bots probably will come back

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