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  • Whenever I open the console with ~, pressing it again does not close the console window at the top and then I cannot click on anything in game or use F10 to look at the servers available. Im just trying to use the unlockall command it It pops up that everything is unlocked but then I am unable to load into a game to make sure it all stays unlocked,

  • @Leggo0 same problem here. did you find a soulution??

  • I found the solution to this because I had the same problem. You are unable to close the console because you most likely have a 60% keyboard because you have to touch another key at the same time to activate the console so it conflicts the system . Grab another keyboard and do all of your commands there, then switch back. Hope this helps!

  • Fn+Esc should open/close the console in 60% keyboards. Or you can just type the commands on the bootstrapper (external console), does the same thing.

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