Black Ops 2 (Plutonium) on 32 bit system

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  • Hello, I created this thread for people who have a computer with 32 bit system, but if I know to download the game we have to download it from piry.exe. I will tell you honestly that I found it on one of the pages the files of the game in which it was saved in the RAR link is below. Now please follow the instructions.

    Step 1. Download the RAR file for Black Ops 2 (Plutonium) - removed -

    Step 2. Download launcher Plutonium.exe

    Step 3. Unpack Black Ops II Plutonium.rar of a custom folder, e.g. Multiplayer Plutonium.

    Step 4. Start the Plutonium.exe launcher. After logging in, select Black Ops II game in the launcher, then SELECT. A window will pop up in which you can select the folder with the extracted game. In my case, this is ,,Plutonium Multiplayer"

    Step 5.Click PLAY.

    After that, you can play upgraded nostalgia on your 32 bit system. I hope I helped you. If you have a problem, please contact my GMAIL: - removed -

    Thank you for your attention and let your first blood begin. From Poland !


  • @Paplock First of all you posted in the wrong section, this would belong into bo2 client support.
    Second your method of installing is no different from the official method apart from where you get the game files from, however we do not support 3rd party repacks so i removed your link. I also removed your email address for your own safety (wouldn't be suprised if ppl spammed it with shit or signed you up for whatever).
    If piry does indeed not work on x86 you can still use the torrent which includes the entire game, all dlcs and the plutonium launcher:

  • @Dss0 Okay, and sorry for the problem with the third link. I just wanted to help, but that's okay.

  • This post is deleted!
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