Standard 6v6 Multiplayer lobbies?

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  • I don't know if I put this in the right topic area, but...

    I'm entirely new to Plutonium and this forum (started playing it about two days ago), so I don't really know a lot about the development of it all and if and when things are going to happen. I just wanted to know if through this client, I'll be able to search for a normal lobby like you would in the actual game, by choosing one of the playlists and joining a bunch of random players (or a group of friends) against other random players.

    TLDR: I don't really know a lot about this client and the development schedule so will there be standard 6v6 lobbies created at random like in the actual game?

  • @b2n for now, you cannot do this, there are only servers hosted by anyone who wants to host. You can however still find servers that are not trickshotting and join those.

  • @b2n This is not a thing. The only way to find lobbies are through the server browser. It is mostly populated by trickshotting servers but servers like Awog and Namelessnoobs have TDM and other servers

  • Matchmaking (what you described) won't ever be a thing I don't think, we more focus on dedicated servers, CoD Clients don't really get the playerbase to maintain quick and working matchmaking these days. We are working on quick-match features which will throw you into a 'normal' server with players in it.

  • @b2n is currently hosting 12 max (13th reserved for admin) player server with regular maps if you want to play that.

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