I'm banned for 13 days for no reason.

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  • Hi, I don't know where I'm supposed to make this post, but I somehow flagged the anticheat and nobody will tell me why?
    I was playing origins with a friend (ME HOSTING, MY LOBBY!), and there was nothing fishy going on. I also Installed DS4Windows right before the game, so that I could use my ps4 controller. (Did that affect it?)

    username is lesbian

    Would really appreciate some information

  • Just checked the logs, you injected something into the game. Anyways you can't appeal your ban now, look at the new pinned anticheat policy. Wait out your time and don't try to evade, it'll only increase the timer.

    And regarding to ds4windows, no it doesn't trigger the anticheat.

  • @HannesC Thank you for the reply. Do you think perhaps Flawless Widescreen could cause any issues? I'm not completely sure how it works, but I use a 21:9 monitor and the game doesn't natively support my aspect ratio, so I need that application and would like it supported just in case that's what was "injected". I'm just really nervous that after I wait away the ban length, I could have it happen again without having any control over why or how.

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