I downloaded plutonium again after 1 year with the same laptop and it goes at 10 fps

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  • Hi!
    I have a problem with the BO2 in general, before I had installed the plutonium with its old menu and I was doing well in fps, 60 stable.

    I reinstall it 1 year later but now the menu changes with the start of the session and all that, but now I'm not doing well ... it works with 10 fps and I remember that before my NVIDIA experience optimized the game ... now not .

    What can I do so that I can play with those stable 60 fps?

  • Sounds to me like your laptop is using the iGPU instead of the discrete one. There is a great tutorial here that you can follow which shows how to change the GPU used for any process. You will want to add %LocalAppData%\Plutonium\bin\plutonium-bootstrapper-win32.exe, and not the actual game process.

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