If You Ever Face Launching Problems Read This

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  • @Volcano I don't even know where to start with this one.. first things first, if you want to post links to vcc redistributables, link to the official microsoft download page, we can't verify that your re-uploaded files are clean.

    • Most of the redistributables you want people to download are not necessary to run the pluto launcher or the game.
    • DirectX 9 is another thing that many ppl are missing and therefore can't launch the game, you did not link to that.
    • Another reason why people can't launch their game is the antivirus detecting the launcher and/or bootstrapper and preventing a launch, you also did not cover that.
    • Downloading individual dll files and placing them in system32 is extremely stupid, those files are part of the microsoft visual c++ 2015 redistributable, so link to that instead.
    • Pluto only supports 64 bit and you also have to install the 32 AND 64 bit version of vc++2015.

    This zip file contains all necessary redistributables for the game and launcher: https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?id=1gG_DXaZfAUETfXaYJzCP36ImvE_bO_x9&export=download

  • trying to help thats all
    If you have a problem launching your own launcher im here to help you mr.staff

  • @Volcano i know you're trying to help but this isn't good help. People are going to fuck up their system if they follow your guide (especially by placing random dll files from dubious sources in system32 without having the rest of the files that come with the redistributable).

  • no problem .guys u done a cool job
    but there is more info that you have to give
    as installing the visuals and the missing dll's
    without that its impossible to use your product

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