How do you create a hud element?

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  • As the title suggests, I want to know the function of a hud element in zombies that displays a counter from a variable

  • @Vulture-Aid You can create it using this:

    self.Text = createFontString ("Objective", 1.7); // Only client-- to Server Message use createServerFontString
    self.Text setPoint ("CENTER", "TOP", 300, "CENTER"); // Position
    self.Text setText ("Your text here"); // Message
  • @Kalitos Can you specify the arguments for createFontString() and setPoint()?

  • @Vulture-Aid createFontString(font, fontScale), setPoint(point, relativePoint, x, y).

    font has a few different options like "default", and "objective". fontScale is self explanatory, it's the scale of the font lol.

    point and relativePoint are a bit different though. There's "CENTER", "TOP", "BOTTOM", "LEFT", "RIGHT", "TOPRIGHT", "TOP_RIGHT", "TOPLEFT", "TOP_LEFT", "TOPCENTER", "BOTTOM RIGHT", "BOTTOM_RIGHT", "BOTTOM LEFT", "BOTTOM_LEFT".
    You can kind of think of these as anchors. If I made a HUD with points "RIGHT", "RIGHT" and I appended text to it constantly, the HUD would grow to the left to maintain its position on the right.

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