MW3 Bots Mod for Offline use?

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  • I’m currently looking for a bot mod for mw3 since there are barely any servers active. Not to mention that I get 300+ ping no matter what. I have little knowledge about coding so I don’t know how to write my own scripts or something.

    I don’t mind if the bots aren’t super hardcore. I just want to be able to get decent gameplay with them. I know this is a pretty big request, so if someone could link a bot mod for offline use I would really appreciate it 🙂

  • There isn't any bot mod for MW3, but you could play with retarded bots it you want. They just keep roaming around or spin in circles. Type /bot <number> in console once you're in a private match.

  • If you want some just for fun gameplay you may try this script: [Preview] Retarded Insane Bots
    It is not true bot system but the bots attack you when they see you and don't just spin in circles. Maybe later it will be possible to make the bots even more advanced.

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  • @BLA23 I ought to ban you for what you did right now. Disguising the download of a trash client instead of "bot mods". Consider yourself warned, don't do it again.


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