Rules and Release Guidelines! PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

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    Here are some ground rules for posting in this section that are expected to be adhered to. Failure to abide by these rules may result in an administrative action that staff sees fit.

    • Give credit - this is important, make sure people are recognized for the hard work they put in. You wouldn't want someone taking credit for your mod, right? Ensure you have permission to share somebody's work before posting it here.
    • Scans - if you release a tool (complied GSC, .exe files .jar files) to the community, you are required to post a virus scan link, from a service like VirusTotal. The scan must be of the actual file and not a .zip containing the file.
    • Offsite uploads - Please refrain from uploading files from sites outside of the forums (unless approved by staff, for example, if it's a camo mod that's a few gigs in size), since people may have to register there to even view those files and might even have to meet a certain post amount if the files are on a forum, which is inconvenient.
    • BE NICE - constructive criticism is always welcomed to help someone improve, but telling people their release is "shit" with no reason is not helpful and low in quality, meaning your post could be removed. If you think the release is bad, explain why but in a respectful tone.


    So you just got done working on that wicked sick mod and want to share it with the community? Here is a general guideline we recommend you follow so others can read it in a clear and concise manner. Please make sure to read the rules of for this section (see above) BEFORE posting.
    (Posts made before this sticky will be grandfathered in, but we highly suggest that OPs conform to this guideline.)

    • Description - please describe your mod.
    • Source - release the source code of the mod on a site like GitHub or just upload the uncompiled version.
    • Compiled version (optional) - if you want, you can release a pre-compiled version of the script so other users don't have to compile it.
    • Upload Format - Files should be put together into a .zip archive and uploaded to the forum, you risk your file being blocked by our forum software if you do not do this.
    • Screenshots/videos - it would be cool to see the mod or tool in action. A picture is worth 1000 words.

    This should clean up some hard to read posts/threads. Again, failure to abide may result in administrative action.

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